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The wider BBIH academic team

The BBIH editorial team is supported by others who provide managerial and advice based on their research specialisms:

BBIH management
  • Professor Roey Sweet, Academic Director, representing the Royal Historical Society; Roey is also Professor of Urban History, University of Leicester
BBIH section editors

Section editors provide specialist advice on new content, by chronology and region, and are an essential part of the editorial process. Years mark start date in this role.

  • Roman Britain Dr Stanley Ireland, University of Warwick, 2010-
  • England 450-1066 Dr David Pratt, University of Cambridge, 2010-
  • England 1066-1500 Dr Adam Chapman, Institute of Historical Research, 2016-
  • England and Wales 1500-1714 Dr Ian Archer, University of Oxford, 2010-
  • Britain 1714-1815 Prof. Rosemary Sweet, University of Leicester, 2010-
  • Britain 1815-1914 Dr Kathryn Rix, History of Parliament 2010-
  • Britain since 1914 Prof. Antoine Capet, Université de Rouen 2010-
  • Medieval Wales Dr Karen Stöber, University of Lleida, Catalonia, 2010-
  • Scotland Dr Christine McGladdery, University of St Andrews [on behalf of Scottish Historical Review Trust], 2010-
  • Ireland before 1640 Dr Caitlin Ellis, Durham University, 2021-
  • Ireland, 1640-1800 Dr Elaine Murphy, Plymouth University, 2013-
  • Ireland since 1800 Dr Richard J. Butler, University of Leicester, 2019-
  • Empire to 1783 Prof. Trevor Burnard, University of Hull, 2010-
  • Empire and Commonwealth post-1783 Dr Esme Cleall, University of Sheffield, 2020-

The BBIH editorial board

Our editorial board provides expert advice in the fields of historical research, university teaching, local history, libraries and archives.

  • Professor Phillipp Schofield (Aberystwyth) - chair
  • Professor Joanne Begiato (Oxford Brookes)
  • Professor Arthur Burns (King's College London)
  • Dr Gillian Draper (University of Kent and British Association of Local Historians)
  • Professor Emma Griffin (President, Royal Historical Society and University of East Anglia)
  • Isabel Holowaty (Bodleian Library, University of Oxford)
  • Dr Jordan Landes (Swarthmore)
  • Professor Laura Stewart (York)
  • Chris VandenBorre (Brepols Publishers)
  • Professor Jane Winters (Royal Historical Society and School of Advanced Study, University of London)