About the Trust

The IHR Trust is an independent charity (Number 1077592) established in 1999 to undertake, promote, and support historical resarch. To date, it has raised over £15 million which has funded activities across the whole of the IHR. Numerous research initiatives, hundreds of talented scholars, and countless events have benefited tremendously from the generosity of donors. 

The charity is governed by a Board of Trustees, representing a variety of academic and professional backgrounds and skills. 

You can learn more about the IHR Trust by visiting its page on the Charity Commission website.

Meet the trustees


  • Dr Alice Prochaska (Chair)
  • Professor Caroline Barron OBE
  • Miss Frances Illingworth
  • Dr Elisabeth Kehoe
  • Dr John Mc Loughlin
  • Ms Nicola Ralston
  • Ms Elaine Walters

Ex-Officio Trustees

  • Professor Jo Fox - Director of the IHR
  • Professor Rick Rylance - Dean of the School of Advanced Study
  • Professor Mary Vincent - Chair of the IHR Advisory Council

Investment Committee

  • Mr Michael Griffiths
  • Ms Nicola Ralston
  • Mr John Shakeshaft

IHR Trust Annual Accounts

IHR Trust Accounts 2018-19 PDF 197.73 KB
IHR Trust Accounts 2017-18 PDF 12.38 MB
IHR Trust Accounts 2016-17 PDF 12.15 MB
IHR Trust Accounts 2015-16 PDF 4.61 MB
IHR Trust Accounts 2014-15 PDF 2.91 MB